Insight is
an ability
to see and
  Teach me Thy Way,
   O Lord

   Dear God, help me listen
   when You teach. I want to
   know Your Way.

  I will walk in Thy Truth

   Dear God, if You will show
   me Your Truth, I will purpose
   to walk in it.

  Unite my heart to fear
  Thy Name

   Dear God, make my heart
   have one focus, one goal,
   one ambition, to fear Thy
   Name and please You in
   all I do.

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Daily Bible Insights

Teach me Thy Way, O Lord;
I will walk in Thy Truth:
unite my heart to fear Thy Name.

Psalms 86:11

God said it.

I believe it.

That settles it.

By accepting God said it in His Word and choosing to believe it,
doubts and uncertainty are simply settled. Can it really be that
simple? Yes!

Insight is an ability to see and understand clearly. As you go
through the daily Bible reading, pray God will give you the
insight to see and understand His Word and His Way clearly.
Listen so He can teach you His Way. Then keep a journal of the
insights He gives you so they can help you walk in His Truths.

What is a journal? A journal is a written record of memories,
lessons learned, special happenings in our life. There is not a right
or wrong way to journal. Simply create an altar out of insights you can
return to as a reminder of Biblical Truths you see and clearly understand,
of decisions you make and of special moments with God you share
during your Bible reading. Visit our Mount N Online Journal on the
sidebar for month by month insights our staff has found in their
journeys through the Scriptures. God bless your journey.
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O Lord, teach me Your way. Help me walk in Your Truth.

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