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A Texas cowboy is touched by our retreat ministry...

When I arrived on Mount N, I knew little of what was to come. This family was fixing to help change my life forever.

Through the Lord, they helped me get back a piece of who I had wanted to be as a child. Something I thought wasn't possible and that I had blindly lost through my teenage years. Since then they have always been there for me, sort of like my stronghold. They help me find forgiveness in my self, also how to be forgiven. They have guided me when I needed guidance and just set back and watched in other instances, letting time have its play.
So back to the beginning when I said "through the Lord." If you ever wanted to get to know the Nickersons, this is where I would say to start. They would want me to end this with giving it back to the Lord. For them everything is possible if you walk with Him and without a doubt I would say I firmly believe in this too.

Mount N Loving Others 4 Him
One Mission. One Message. One Motivation.

Mount N Loving Others 4 Him Main Page. Serving others one need at a time

Sharing God's Message and Love
by serving and loving others for

Him - one love need at a time.


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Mount N Staffing Service
Professional. Personal. Practical.

Mount N Staffing Services

Spreading God's Message and Love
by staffing National Engagements -
 one completed task at a time.


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Nickerson Family Singers
One Family. One Voice. One Message. One Audience.

Visit the Nickerson Family Speakers Main Page. Nickerson Family Singers sing God's Message and Love.

Singing God's Message and Love with
hymns, traditional and contemporary
songs - one inspiring performance at a time.

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Mount N Speakers
Engaging. Entertaining. Edifying.

Proclaiming God's Message and Love
passionately, practically and purposefully -
one fitly spoken word at a time.


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"loving others 4 Him"
Mount N touches Alaska
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Visit our Itinerary to see where the Nickersons are headed next. Please be sure to check
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A WA nursing home administrator and staff are touched by our loving others 4 Him ministry...

We cannot thank you enough for your wonderful gift. You are all such a blessing.


A CO ministry leader is touched by Mount N...
The Nickersons sing, speak, serve and bless the hearts  of everyone around them. I am blessed.