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Greetings from the Nickerson Family Singers from Big Sky Country, Montana. We have been performing a cappella Mount N harmony together (with a few additions along the way) for over twenty years. We sing, speak, preach, write, dramatize and share the Word and Love of God at camp meetings, evangelistic crusades, community events, church events and services, home fellowships, retreats, conferences, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, street ministries, etc. Our ministry is a ministry of hope and encouragement. No matter what we are going through, God is still on His Throne and we can rest in Him. We have seen, lived and experienced the faithfulness and joy of trusting and resting in God through the years, and we share it in song.

How can we love you?

We would love to meet you and partner with you and your group in sharing the Love of God. Please contact us and let us know when and where your event is scheduled and how the Nickerson Family Singers can be a part.

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