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Stepping Through Pregnancy

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All About Baby

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It's a T O D D L E R Day

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ABC's of the Elementary Years

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Mid-Kid Crisis

Opening My Eyes

Opening My Eyes

Finding My God

Finding My God

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Surviving the Greenhouse

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Greenhouse Praying

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Greenhouse ParentingTM
Insulate Not Isolate

Train up a child in the way he should go:
and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

                                                                                        Proverbs 22:6

Greenhouse parenting insulates a child to withstand the extremes of life
without isolating them from the life they were created to live.
                                                                                                        ©1989 Donna Nickerson, Mount N

In the Beginning

Stepping Through Pre
gnancy is a step by step approach that walks with you from conception
through accepting and embracing the changes in you and the challenges of the new life that awaits you.

All About Baby is a handbook for the first time and tenth time Mom. Explore the emotional,
physical and spiritual needs of babies. Discover new and time proven methods of meeting them.

The Early Years

It's a TODDLER Day. Enter the world of the toddler. Kneel down at their level and see the
world through a toddler's eyes.

Master the ABC's of the Elementary Years with these character teachings. Learn while you teach
these alpha verses with devotionals for parenting ages 3 -12.

In the Middle

When your children reach the years of the Mid-Kid Crisis, we have resources to help. By insulating
and not isolating, you can continue to establish and nurture a healthy teenager even amid daunting
mid-kid enemies. This stage is for blooming, not crisis in the greenhouse. Are you in a crisis? Act
fast. Learn to establish and nurture healthy teenage boundaries, recognize and defeat the mid-kid
enemies, survive and thrive this new stage. Stop the crisis. Enjoy the blooms.

Somewhere in the middle years a child opens their eyes to the world that exists around them.
Opening My Eyes helps you understand the junior high age child and how to help them process
the world in which they now live.

Finding My God is the quest of the high school years. Who am I? Who do I want to be?
What do I want to do? Where do I want to go? These answers define this age group's
personal search for and future relationship with God. This time of transition from childhood
to adulthood is a time to help your young person find, know and commit to Finding My God.

All Grown-Up

It is time for the blessing of Home GROWN Children. This new relationship harvests the sowing
and reaping of the parenting years. With a little more listening and a lot less teaching, you can
enjoy, grow and thrive in this season of parenting your adult child.

The Greenhouse Parent

Greenhouse gardening requires effort, time, flexibility, knowledge, patience and resources. The
challenges of winds, temperature extremes, pests, proper nutrients and maintaining fresh quality
air can be daunting and discouraging.
Surviving the Greenhouse teaches the Greenhouse Parent
survival tricks and tips so you can stay healthy and flourish while you garden.

Pray consistently and faithfully through the Scriptures with, for and about your children with
Greenhouse Praying. Learn to pray, "The Lord is my Shepherd...," instead of, "Take this cup, Lord."

Schedule A Greenhouse Parenting Workshop or Conference in your city

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Greenhouse Parenting

In the Beginning
The Early Years
In the Middle
All Grown-Up
The Greenhouse Parent


In The Beginning
known by Him

In the beginning...God

Love brings conception

Conception brings new life

Life changes

A baby is born

It is good


All about baby...All about God

The Early Years
laying a foundation for eternity

Yesterday you talked

Today you walked

Tomorrow you live

Forever you love

In the Middle
making it to the other side

The price tag gets higher

Choices cost more





Help your child see

Help your child find

Help your child know

Help your child grow

All Grown-up
the harvest is here

Living the Blessing

Loving the Harvest

Leaving the Legacy

Greenhouse Parent

surviving and thriving

Children grow

Parents grow

We grow together

We learn together

Practical survival tricks
and tips to stay healthy
and flourish while you grow and learn together


Greenhouse Praying
resting in Him

Never doubt the
Power of Prayer

Fall to your knees
and call upon
the "Lord of the Harvest"

He gives life abundantly

He is the abundant Life

Schedule your
Greenhouse Parenting
Workshop today

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