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 Peaceful Heart
Birth Services

Homeward Bound

And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children,
and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come
and smite the earth with a curse
Malachi 4:6

Homeward Bound

Family E911

Homeward Bound Ministries is our ministry to families.
It started in our family room over twenty years ago.
We call this ministry team our Encouragement 911
(E911) Team. We provide 24X7 family support, mentoring
and encouragement.
Contact Mount N for details if you
feel our E911 Team can help you and your family.

A family from Nebraska is touched by our E911 ministry...

When Nick and Donna learned that we had a family crisis involving our
teenage son, there wasn't a moment's hesitation. They pulled the plug on
an important business trip, turned around and drove over 30 hours to
rendezvous with us at a counseling center. Donna is so committed to
helping others, and living out her love for the Lord, to her, there was no
other option to consider. Our son needed help and she was going to
bring it. Her love and devotion saved this young man. 'Greater love
hath no man, than to lay down their life for another.'

Impact Nights

Impact Nights

One night can make a difference.       
IMPACT Nights are family fun nights.


Order yours today

Greenhouse Parenting
Insulate Not Isolate

Greenhouse Parenting

Using the principle of insulating
rather than isolating, parents learn
to protect their children while still preparing them for their journey
from babyhood to adulthood.

All About Baby
ABC's of the Elementary Years
Mid-kid Crisis

Train up a child in the way he
should go and when he is old he
will not depart from it.
  Proverbs 22:6

Family Retreats

a time to be still, reflect, grow,
learn how to conquer fears
and find strength as a family

Family Retreats

Touched By A Tree

Every one of us has been touched
by a tree, our family tree. Touched
By A Tree retreats help you see
your tree like never before. Discover how to strengthen your roots so
your family tree can grow, be strong and prosper.

Family Retreats can be scheduled year round. Contact us for details.

House of Faith for me and my house,
we will serve the Lord.
                              Joshua 24:15

House of Faith

When the strong winds blow,
will your house stand?

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