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Mount N Speakers are proclaiming God's Message and Love passionately, practically, and purposefully.

Mount N Speakers
"A word fitly spoken..."

Nick is the pastor and co-founder of Mount N Ministries. Over twenty years serving in pastoral roles and senior management positions in the IT and Telecommunications industries provide Nick with the abilit
 to speak openly and candidly to a wide variety of audiences. Whether speaking to a corporate or Christian audience, Nick motivates others to become who they were created to be. Utilizing life skills taught in the Scriptures,
 he inspires his audience to be overcomers in every area of their life. In a teaching style that is uniquely his own, Nick creates a bandwagon every member in his audience wants to jump on. His presentation is thorough. His
 teaching is practical. His style is personal. By allowing his audience to see who he is and what God has done in his own life in a comfortable, non-threatening manner, Nick teaches his audience how to walk closer with God.
His passion is to instill in the hearts of families the vision of a God-focused family. He currently serves as the Director of Ministries on Mount N. If you are looking for a dynamic speaker who will inspire others to be all God has
called them to be, schedule Nick for your next event. 


Donna is actively serving the Lord with her family on the Mount N Ranch under the title that is most dear to her heart, “Mom.” As a loving wife, dedicated mother of seven incredible children, Biblical counselor, Life Coach,
gifted writer, passionate speaker, engaging performer, and thought-provoking Bible teacher, Donna’s formal training and life experiences empower her to communicate effectively to a wide variety of audiences. Her
professional and passionate communication style enables her to speak God’s Word directly to listener’s hearts. Donna’s genuine love for people gives her the unique ability to graciously say what need to be said in a way
 that challenges without offending. Her bold, Yet soothing proclamation of the Truth and its practical application to her audience will refresh your spirit and revive your soul. With the Bible as her resource, her reservoir is full of
 promises, words of comfort, love and wisdom which continually flow throughout her talks. If you are in need of a qualified speaker who will deeply touch your heart and leave you feeling encouraged and exhorted, schedule Donna for
your next event.

Chad serves as the Operations Manager on Mount N. He provides operations oversight of Mount N Ranch & Retreat, Peace of Heaven R & R, and Mount N Delivers. Chad is a passionate speaker who gets straight to
 the point. His old-fashioned, tent revival, evangelistic style of preaching and teaching compels his audience to be eternally minded, earthly useful and relationally connected. Packed with life changing power points, Chad’s
professional demeanor and timeless messages utilize God’s Word in creative, relevant and effective ways. Chad’s life mission is to boldly spread God’s Message and Love. His presentation is motivating. His teaching is
heart searching. His style is engaging. If you are ready to hear the Truth, schedule Chad for your next event. 
Stephanie captivate audiences with her passion and intense desire to have God’s message heard. Extensive traveling around the country with Mount N Ministries performing, serving and sharing the Love of God has given
her the exposure and life experiences needed to connect with people from all walks of life. Whether inspiring a room full of teenagers, teaching a women’s group, or discipline in a one on one setting, Stephanie makes the
Scriptures come alive through illustrations from every day life. Stephanie currently serves as Project Manager on Mount N. In addition, she is the resident Professional Labor Support Doula of our Peaceful Hearst Ministry.
Stephanie’s responsibilities include facilitating all special projects and events, web design, overseeing all births, and serving others in any way she can. Her tender and compassionate heart coupled with her
uncompromising beliefs give her the confidence to speak out and make His message heard. With her Bible in hand, Stephanie shares whatever the Lord lays on her heart. If you are seeking to hear God’s message
 communicated with passion and grace, schedule Stephanie for your next event.


Caleb energizes his audience with his dry sense of humor, captivating smile, compassionate heart and contagious burden for of right living. Caleb cares about his audience and it is felt in his presentations. His burden
 is to help America’s youth, and their parents, get real in their relationships with Christ. He earnestly imparts the Truth in memorable ways each time he speaks. Caleb serves as Ranch Manager for Mount N. His
responsibilities include ranch management of both the Mount N Ranch and the Peace of Heaven Ranch. As a cowboy for Christ, Caleb enjoys living on the Mount N Ranch where he can explore and nurture his
love for people, animals and the magnificence of God’s Creation. Caleb’s candid personality and genuine spirit make him a speaker you and your group will want to hear again and again. If you are ready to get
real with God, with yourself and with others, schedule Caleb for you next event 


As the Office Manager and acting Director of Compliance for Mount N, Amanda finds deep satisfaction in ensuring projects are properly completed, Mount N style. Her attention to detail, devotion to
excellence, and straightforward communication style make her an excellent leader and facilitator. When Amanda speaks, her lifestyle of consistently doing the right thing shines though in her messages. Her
passion to touch the hearts and needs of her audience, to change lies, to make a difference for eternity is demonstrated with her clear, concise, practical messages of God’s Plan and Love. Her love of nature,
cowgirl experiences in the great outdoors, and deep commitment to her family provide insightful illustrations for driving her points home. Her love of and confidence in the Word of God make her a powerful
speaker that connects with the true needs of her audience. She will not leave you empty handed. She will not leave you unchallenged. She will not leave you untouched. If you are ready to do it right, schedule Amanda for your next event. 
Co-Author of numerous historical fiction titles and the youngest female vocalist on the Nickerson Family Singers, Nicole is a master storyteller, singer, author and speaker. Her passion for people
 and her love for the Lord is evidenced in her relationships with God, her family and her audience. Nicole thrives on sharing her faith with others, especially young people. Her deep love and genuine
convictions draw people to a deeper relationship with God. If you want to dramatically walk through the Scriptures with our resident Mount N sanguine, schedule Nicole for your next event