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  Your gift will bless others


   • Bible distribution

   • Tract ministry

   • Concerts

   • Free CD ministry through
      Reach Out

   • Pastor & Missionary

   • Retreats

   • Pastor/Mission House

   • Street ministry

   • Community Outreach

   • Free online resources
      through www.mountn.org

   • Ministry work teams

   • Crisis Intervention

   • Disaster relief

   • Loving others 4 Him

• Assisted Living/Retirement
     Center/Nursing Home

  Your gift will bless us
  through helping fund and
  support the work of
  Mount N and the
  Nickerson family. 

    Thank you for your gift....
    We are blessed. We are

Your Gift Helps

Have you been blessed by Mount N and the Nickerson Family?

Please email and let us know how. We would love to hear how God is working in
your life.

Would you like to bless us?

Please pray for us. We need prayer warriors who faithfully pray for open doors and
open hearts. Right now we are on a Tour of Revival. We are going city by city -
meeting and praying for pastors, reaching out to church families and their surrounding communities, praying for God to work mightily in their hearts and lives, asking God
to stir a revival, sharing God's Love and Message to everyone we meet. Please pray for boldness, compassion, health, and safety. Thank you.

Would you like to partner with us to help us love God and love others?

We would love to have your help in loving God and loving others. First, we want to share
a little history with you. Mount N is an outreach, growth and encouragement ministry
of the Nick Nickerson Family. We have operated on a self-funded budget for over
twenty years by ranching, offering professional services, finding whatever work we
could then doing it well as unto the Lord, and watching God miraculously provide
for our needs and the needs of others. Yes, we have a few "George Mueller milk
truck stories" and a lot of "old-fashioned blood, sweat and tears" work stories
we can share. It has been an amazing journey God has led us on. We are thankful.

We do not charge for any of our ministry outreach. We love, serve, sing, and share,
then let God decide how to provide us with the monetary needs to do it again tomorrow.
We are solely faith-based and trust God will provide work and love offerings to complete
the work He has called us to. Please do note that we are a family loving God and
loving others. We are not a 501c3 Corporation so any monetary gifts are not
tax deductible unless given to us through a tax deductible organization. If this is
important to you, please pray about donating to us through your local church
or another non-profit organization.

How can I give a love offering in the form of a monetary gift to Mount N and the Nickerson Family?

• Make a check payable to the Nick Nickerson Family and mail to P.O. Box 7417,
Helena, MT 59604

Make an online transaction using the My Gift button below.

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