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 " Iron sharpeneth iron;
 so a man sharpeneth the
 countenance of his

                     Proverbs 27:17

 "Two are better than
 one; because they have
 a good reward for their

 For if they fall, the one
 will lift up his fellow: but
 woe to him that is alone
 when he falleth; for he
 hath not another to help
 him up."

                Ecclesiastes 4:9,10

10 Fun GROWTH Things To Do With A Friend

• Soul Shopping
Go on a shopping trip for souls. Whether at Cabelas or the newest kitchen gadget shop,
there are people all around you in need of Jesus. What better way to celebrate your friendship than to make a life investment that could last an eternity. Take a day to go soul winning. Find creative ways to share your faith, your joy, your love of the Lord. Go on a Great Friend Mission.

Note: There are many Gospel tracts available on a variety of topics that you can pass out or share while soul shopping. A family favorite of ours is giving out free Jesus Videos.

Treasure Hunt Your Friend
Plan a treasure hunt for friends. Establish a theme and search for specific items that
correspond to it. Make sure you keep a journal of pictures on the hunt so you have a
record of the special memories you make. You might check in the Fun Clicks section
for treasure hunt ideas.

All Occasion Cards
Gather all your craft supplies and enjoy a special memory day making cards. Have fun as you use your creative side to pen original verses and poems. Perhaps send some anonymous get well or thank you cards. Spend the day enjoying each other as you conspire to bring joy to others.

Note: Another idea would be to use your woodworking skills and make plaques. You could
use inspirational sayings and verses or be creative and write your own. Teach each other
tricks you have picked up to make your work more professional looking. Most importantly,
enjoy getting to know your friend.

Sunshine Ministry
Bake your favorite bread recipes and combine your ingenuities to uniquely create a Get Well Bread Basket. Include an encouraging card from your Creative Memories Day or create some verse artwork suitable for hanging. Another idea is to handcraft a birdhouse to hang outside a bedridden person’s window. Visit a Get Well person who is hurting together and be sunshine in the midst of their dark hour.

Note: If visiting a hospital, nursing home or other person currently under medical care, please check with their nurse or family to verify there are no food restrictions before delivering your get well sunshine surprise.

Angels For A Day
Be angels for a day for a widow/widower or another person in need of some extra help (housekeeping, lawn care, vehicle maintenance, shopping, etc.). Pack a fun lunch for all of
you and enjoy spending the day together while being helper angels to this special person.

Mom’s Night Out
Plan a Mom's Night Out together.  Invite some children over for the evening and offer some deserving moms a much needed night off.  Have a game night, movie night, campout night -
the possibilities are endless.  The two of you can provide a chance for the moms to get
refilled and refreshed while you are having fun entertaining their children.

Note: You can also use this idea to give a Dad a night in or night out.

Friends That Pray Together Stay Together
God has commanded us in His Word to pray without ceasing. Schedule a day for the two
of you to go on a prayer walk around your Church, community, school, or a special needs
family. Take a walk together while praying for those needs. As the two of you gather together
in the Name of Jesus to pray, you can bond in your roles as sisters/brothers in Christ. Plan
a picnic before or after your prayer walk to sit and enjoy sharing about your personal walks
with the Lord.

Crossword Mania
Sit back for an evening of crossword mania with our Write Words crossword series or
online crossword puzzles. Crosswords lead you on many unsuspecting journeys down memory lane. Share life experiences and memories as you seek to find the answers to
the puzzles of life.

Tea For Two
Share your joys and sorrows, dreams and memories as you savor an afternoon of Tea For
Two. Be still and find refreshment in the unique flavors of friendship.

Note: If you are not a tea connoisseur, cookies and milk, ice cream and brownies, sardines
and saltines, or any other favorite tea time snack you might enjoy may be substituted.

Friendly Bible Studies
Growing closer to God allows us to grow closer to each other. Pick a topic such as friendships
of the Bible, loving your neighbor, or seeking God with your whole heart and seek the Lord together through the study of His Word. A friendship built on the Word of God has a firm foundation and the strength to stand.

Note: A series of friendship Bible studies will be added to this site soon. Please check back
if you are looking for some Friendly Bible studies.