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Spread God's Word by sharing a Nickerson Family CD
It's easy. Simply get together with a friend and play the CD or let them borrow it for a few days so they can listen to it. Talk with them about the message. Share your faith. Share the Love of God with them. Pray with them.

Bible Distribution
Do you have a local store that will let you put a free Bible rack in it? Would you be willing to keep it filled for Mount N? Contact us.

Jesus Video Distribution
Would you be willing to participate in a community wide distribution of Jesus Videos? Contact Mount N and we will get you connected with people who will help organize it. We will also help with the project in any way we can.

Evangelistic Crusade
Set up a crusade opportunity in your community and invite Mount N to be a part.

For more ideas on how you can serve in home missions visit our Reach Out page to
see how Mount N is reaching out at home and abroad.


The Mission House is a place for missionaries to be still, seek counsel,
enjoy fellowship, study God's Word,
spend time in prayer, and find renewal in their personal walks. Take a  tour of the Idaho Ranch to learn more about what
God is doing at the Idaho Ranch.

Home Missions
...and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem,
and in all Judea, and in Samaria,
and unto the uttermost part of the earth.
Acts 1:8

Jesus Videos    Bibles

Mission Possible Home Missions is focused on winning "Jerusalem" for the Lord.
Through projects such as the Jesus Video Project, door to door evangelism,
passing out tracts, giving away free Bibles, serving meals at homeless and
other crisis shelters, assisting in disaster relief programs, and simply sharing
the Love of God in the highways and byways of life, Mission Possible Home
Missions is making His mission possible right here at home.

You may not be called to be a Pastor. You may not be called to be a foreign missionary. You may not be called to be a foreign aid worker. But...You are called
to share the love of God to those you come in contact with each day. You are
called to be a light in the darkness of this world. You are called to go into the world you live in and preach the Gospel. You may not be a "Professional Missionary,"
but if you are a Christian, you are a Great Commission Missionary.
Go. Tell. Love.

The message is simple. If you tell one lie you
    are a liar. If you steal one thing you are a
    thief.  As Evangelist Ron Comfort would say,
    that makes you a lying thief. Sin separates us
    from God. God loves us so much that He sent
    His Son to pay for our sin. He died so we could
    live. He offers the gift of eternal life freely. We
    simply need to accept it, live a life of gratitude
    for our King, and tell others about His Love.
                Tell of God's Message and Love


    Sing His Praises at a nursing home
    Make a love your neighbor basket
    Touch someone - hugs can heal
    Become a 24x7 encourager
    Spread the joy of the Lord - SMILE
    Find a needy person - serve them
    Write a love note to your friends
    Visit a widow, orphan, neighbor
            His Love Lasts Forever
    Pass out tracts
    Knock on doors   
    Slip a tract in with bill payments
    Agree to listen to telemarketers if
        they agree to listen to you when 
        finished - then witness to them
    Leave tracts with cashiers
    Pray for the lost
    Join a short-term mission trip
 Go ye into all the world and preach..

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 I Better Get To Work

 Say not ye, there are yet four months,
 and then cometh harvest? behold, I say
 unto you, lift up your eyes, and look on
 the fields; for they are white already to
John 4:35

    How many of the people above have
    you come in contact with today?

    How have you been a light in their

    How have you preached the Gospel
    in their world?

    Will you go?

    Will you tell?

    Will you love?