REACH OUT and spread God's Word with the purchase
of any Nickerson Family Singers CD

Proceeds from every Nickerson Family Singers CD are used to purchase and distribute a Bible. Bibles are distributed door to door, at community events,
through local Churches and by request. Would you like to reach out by
spreading God's Word? Purchase one of our CD's and the proceeds will
purchase and distribute a Bible.

Thank you for helping us share God's Word.
It will not return unto Him void...

God's Message
and Love
around the world
You can spread
God's Word

You can spread God's Word

  Donations can help Mount N  
  purchase and distribute even
  more Bibles. We will provide

    5 Bibles with a $25 donation
  10 Bibles with a $50 donation
  20 Bibles with a $100 donation
100 Bibles with a $500 donation


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Community Outreach

• Cowboy Church
• Cowboy Clinics
• Greenhouse Parenting
Family Movie Nights
Summer Movie Days

Family Campouts
Couple Retreats
Youth Camps

It is time for a miracle. It is
time for revival. It is time for
the Church to believe what we say. It is time for restoration and old-time Salvation. Let the devil be advised God says,
"It's Time." 1
If you have the tent, we have
an old-fashioned preaching, teaching, worship and drama team. Hell, fire and brimstone. Love, grace and forgiveness. Power, victory and restoration. Hope, future, and rest. God
has all the answers. It is our
job to hear the questions and share His answers.
us if we can help with your local evangelistic outreach.

Jesus Videos

Jesus Videos

Mount N assists with Jesus
Video distribution worldwide.
If your team needs videos, extra manpower for door to
door distribution, or support in some other way, contact Mount N. If we can help,
we will.

Tract Ministry

Mount N creates, prints, publishes and distributes tracts for spreading the gospel, encouraging people in their walks with God and teaching people to live life God's way. We also provide powerful tracts offered by other evangelistic ministries. View our tracts here.

Book Mount N

Book Mount N

Mount N is spreading God's Message and Love through the Nickerson Family Singers and Mount N Speakers. How can we help you reach out in your community?

Church Ministry

Church Ministry

Mount N challenges Churches to edify, encourage and exhort the family of God, to reach out and touch our lost and dying world, to provide a safe place for seekers to find lasting answers found only in God's Word. We come alongside church leadership and provide resources, counsel, support and encouragement. We preach, teach, write and sing the Love of God at revivals, worship services, Bible studies, concerts, camps and other special services. We are ready to reach out with you.

Contact Us

Missions Ministry

Whether at home or abroad, with a board or an independent, working in a
rural area or Church planting
in urban areas, Mount N proclaims two truths through singing, serving and sharing: The Bible is the infallible, inspired Word of God and Jesus is the only way to get
to Heaven. If we can agree on these two points, Mount N
can help you with your mission work by distributing Bibles, holding revival services, outreach concerts, and more. Our mission is a global spreading of God's Message and Love.
What is your need in your part of the globe?

Free CD


Mount N offers a free Nickerson Family Singers CD  as an evangelistic tool and as a ministry of encouragement
to our listeners. The gospel messages recorded on these CDs need to be shared. If you are willing to help us share God's Message and Love with others, contact Mount N for your free CD.

Street Ministry

Street Ministry

Mount N's street ministry provides hope-focused
recovery solutions for
victims, addicts, seekers
and their families. God has
a plan for your life, for every
life. Tell us how we can help
you or someone you know
find His Plan.

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Reach Out
an outreach ministry of Mount N

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Will you help spread the Word?

Reach Out is spreading God's Message
and Love around the world

Reach Out is spreading God's Message and Love around the world
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© 2011 Mount N. All rights reserved.

Contact Mount N to tell us how we can reach out to you and your world.