Prayer Support
24x7 Prayer Team

Outreach programs
Street Evangelism, TRACT Ministry, Jesus Video Distribution, Free Bible Distribution, Crusades, Revivals

Discipleship Training
GROWTH Studies, HBM Studies, MTN Leadership Training, One-On-One Discipleship Training, Coaching

Resource Distribution
Bibles, Jesus Videos, Gospel CDs, Bible Studies, Christian Books and Entertainment

National Engagement Support
Conference, Retreat, Camp Meeting, Worship, Concerts

Mission House
Vision Renewal

Family Enrichment
Retreats, Conferences, Bible Studies, Enrichment Opportunities

Crisis Intervention
Family, Individual, Pastoral, Workplace, School, Domestic Terrorism, Mass Destruction
Our Pastoral SWAT team remains poised and ready to come alongside pastors and ministry leaders to encourage, empower and inspire them. A phone call or email deploys our team. We pray, counsel, teach, listen, support, love and encourage pastors to finish their course, keep the faith, and remain true to their calling.

Our Mission Possible team provides resources, encouragement, prayer support, counseling, and retreats for missionaries and their families. We offer the Mission House year round as a place for missionaries to be still, seek counsel, enjoy fellowship, study God's Word, spend time in prayer, and find renewal in their personal walks. We facilitate connection and interactions among those at home and abroad who are serving as missionaries.

We care for caregivers by providing practical, emotional, physical and spiritual support services. We care for caregivers so they can have the physical, emotional and spiritual resources to give care to others.

Relief and Humanitarian Aid
We assist with disaster relief, natural disasters, critical incidents, basic and life saving interventions. We provide funds, supplies, manpower, leadership, counsel and encouragement to relief and humanitarian aid groups.

Mission Organizations
We offer a network of prayer warriors, outreach resources, volunteer teams, and mission possible events. We are here to serve mission organizations and help make their mission possible.

Mount N provides national engagement and event support for non-profits. We assist with conferences, special events, training, speaking, team building, fundraising, whatever we can do to help non-profits fulfill their purposes.

Other Faith-based Groups
We go, teach, encourage and serve faith-based groups so they can continue to serve. We offer help and resources as needed and as available.

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Mount N provides international support services for nonprofits, caregivers and their families. We serve those who serve others, so they can keep on serving.

Who We Are
Mount N is a Bible-based, hope focused, love driven, interdenominational, distinctively Christian encouragement and outreach ministry of the Nick Nickerson family.
Mount N messages, teachings and interactions are all Bible-based. We encourage ministry leaders and those we touch to read, study and apply the Word of God to their daily lives.

Hope focused
Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Our hope for yesterday, today and forever is centered in Who He is, what He has done, and all He has promised. Our focus is to share that hope with those we support.

Love driven
The work, interactions and ministries of Mount N are love driven. Our call is to love God and love others. We plan our days and commit our schedules based on how we can fulfill this call.

Mount N serves the interdenominational body of Christ. We are interdenominational in our teaching, worshipping, interactions and doctrinal beliefs. Read our Statement of Faith for specific tenants we embrace. Two tenants are the basis of our ministry: the Bible is the Word of God and Jesus is the only Way. Our teaching, singing and ministering revolves around inspiring others to read the Word so they can find and experience the Love of God.

Distinctively Christian
The support services we provide are distinctively Christian. We believe all wisdom, hope, strength and lasting peace comes only from Him. We work and minister to interdenominational and non-Christian groups with religious sensitivity by offering answers and counsel directly derived from the Scriptures. We are a little old-fashioned in our personal lifestyle and religious preferences, but God's Love crosses boundaries, bridges gaps and sheds Light no matter, who, what, when, or where it is shared. Whether in a pulpit, on the street, or in a corporate environment, we remain who we are and adjust the delivery of our message to connect with the audience. Same message. Different presentation. Distinctively Christian.

Encouragement ministry
We are a ministry of growth and encouragement. We help hold the arms of ministry leaders up while they are in the midst of spiritual battles so they can stand strong, keep on fighting and finish their course. We provide growth, rest, renewal, enrichment, retreats, friendship, and connections. We join battles. We rejoice in victories. We nurse the wounded. We train in the midst of it all. We love. We encourage. We challenge others to grow and overcome.

Outreach ministry
Our mission is a global spreading of God's Message and Love. We believe the essence of the Christian life is to know Him, love Him, serve Him and grow in Him. We reach out to churches, communities, those we come in contact with God's Message and Love.
Who We Serve
Mount N Ministries
serves pastors, missionaries, caregivers, relief and humanitarian groups and individuals, mission organizations, non-profits, and other faith-based groups around the world. We encourage and support caregivers so they can keep on giving care to others.

What We Do
Mount N provides prayer support, outreach programs, discipleship training, resource distribution (Bibles, Jesus Video, GROWTH studies), national engagement support, mission house, family enrichment, crisis intervention, trauma response, critical incident counseling and life coaching. 

How We Do It
Mount N provides support services in person, over the telephone, in writing, through the internet, and utilizing any other communication medium we can find to share God's Message and Love. We are faith-based and self-funded. Proceeds and income from sales and services provided through Mount N fund and support the work and ministries of Mount N.

        Mount N is loving others for Him by recognizing and meeting needs around the world.
International Support Services
recognizing and meeting needs