Welcome to Mount N Great Pyrenees online. Mount N Great Pyrenees are purebred, mountain raised, working canines who have demonstrated extreme agility, intelligence, loyalty and endurance. Mount N Great Pyrenees are bred to meet and exceed all expectations of the breed’s standard, temperament and overall health record. For over twenty years, the focus of our Great Pyrenees breeding program has been to create the perfect guardian angel for our Mount N livestock friends. Joining our breeding program is an earned privilege and honor. Only the best of the best are selected. All our parents live on the ranch, are proven pets and working dogs, and are the primary instructors at the Mount N Great Pyrenees Puppy School. Our parents come from a long line of guardian champions and display the conformation, athletic ability, alertness and intelligence required to perform their ranch security duties.
Mount N Great Pyrenees
“Selectively breeding guardian angels”
Cute. Adorable. Hard working. Loyal. Faithful. Gentle. A truly remarkable canine.
Mount N Great Pyrenees Puppies. Visit our puppies page.
Mount N Great Pyrenees Guardians
There are no rescue Great Pyrenees available at this time.
Contact the Ranch or call our message line at (406) 219-PRAY (7729).